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Valerie Boes - FBO Manager

Contact Phone: (917) 576-8853

Valerie Boes, FBO Manager - JFI JetCenterHello friends and colleagues,

Looking back at where it all started for me seems like the typical story you hear in aviation. I started off answering phones and serving as a receptionist at Million Air (SNA) and soon after moved my way up into a fulltime Customer Service Representative position. It was my role as a CSR that challenged my need to learn everything possible about the business. At the time it was a welcome personal challenge as I had a newborn and I made the choice to be present for her, but that didn't stop my drive to be the best I could be at something for me. I stayed the path as a fulltime CSR and parent until she was well into high-school and I could re-focus on myself.

As fate had it, I was given a glimpse of what the future held for me because I was gifted an experience that would forever change my professional spirit. You see, I had never before stepped foot in a private aircraft (outside of a Cessna 172) and was invited to board a Gulfstream GIII as a passenger with a crew that was tasked to establish noise abatement procedures out of KSNA. Although a short 15 minute flight, that experience was incredibly powerful and life-changing. It gave me the drive to excel in this business. That day enrolled me into the awe of private aviation - its power, beauty and thrill of seeing the experience through the eyes of a passenger. That 15 minutes forever captured my heart and professional aspirations.

That was 28 years ago.

In 2001, when my Daughter grew up, I was gifted an amazing 2nd experience. Thanks to some hard work, dedication and great timing I got my first break in the business from an amazing mentor who gifted me the opportunity of a lifetime to attend Cabin Attendant Training. This is where my career really began.

Throughout my time as a Cabin Attendant, I have connected to the value and importance of a Customer-centric behavior that has made all the difference to those that I have served. Being confined in a tube at 51,000 ft going over 500 miles an hour leaves no room for mistakes. When one is able to pull off a flawless experience for their clients at altitude, it should fill them with a great sense of accomplishment and pride. I know it did for me.

That is why I bring that same experience into our FBO environment - it gives me a sense of purpose and joy.

It is without a doubt that the experience of our customers at Altitude begins with our Attitude on the ground.

Our focus at JFI JetCenter is to instill best and proven customer satisfaction practices learned from decades in the business in order to leave our guests looking forward to their return. It is the lesson I pass on to my team every day.

We encourage you to experience our FBO and we can't wait to greet you. I am a phone call away if there is anything you need,

Our very best to you,

Valerie Boes - FBO Manager, JFI JetCenter