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From Jason Andrews on 09-Nov-2012

You guys run a First Class FBO. I've been to JFI twice and both times they have showed us what outstanding customer service is. Valerie and Joe were extremely helpful and both went above and beyond to assist us with a car, hotel room and the needs of our Merlin. You offer excellent fuel prices, FAST personalized service and never treat us like a number! JFI is our FBO of choice while visiting California. Thank you for the bottle of wine!

From Ashvin Patel on 08-Nov-2012

Awesome service!!! Called in ahead arrived with the family and they had the rent-a-car waiting by the plane ready to go. Great customer service... Definitely come here again. Thank you JFI Jet Center!!

From Lance Murray on 22-Aug-2012

These guys took terrific care of my wife while she was waiting for me to arrive. They also took care of my aircraft and me. I will definitely return and buy more fuel. Thanks guys. Fuel was very reasonably priced and they waived the ramp fee with fuel purchase.

From Steve Ahrens on 27-Jul-2012

I flew in on July 10. Line staff and front desk staff were excellent! Handling fee waived and only $26 for all day use of a rental car. As I was checking out, Valerie apologized for not greeting me when I arrived, thanked me for my business and sent me on my way with a bottle of wine. It did not matter that I had arrived in a Skyhawk. The reasons for their awards were clear to me. Jet Center will forever be my FBO at Long Beach.

From Jack Cohen on 22-Jul-2012

The entire team was a joy. They were helpful, supportive, and above all not intrusive. The team was fantastic and absolutely on top of it all. I will return for sure.

From Mike and Tam Shook on 19-Jul-2012

Arrived in the afternoon, landed on 30 and a short taxi to Juliet off 25L takes you right to JFI. Valerie was already there on the ramp to lead us to a parking spot for my RV9a and offered us some bottled water. Two large jets and a Cherokee were nearby, and an RV and a few more jets were in the hangar. Two line boys helped my wife unload our bags and load up the car, which my daughter had left there overnight. We could not have asked for better treatment, and Valerie even gave us a bottle of wine. One of the line boys was a pilot and gave me some advice for flying out of KLGB and transitioning north thru KLAX airspace. Wonderful, friendly, and helpful experience, and we will be sure to stop there again.

From Paul Russell on 24-May-2012

I have been to several other FBO's at KLGB but JFI is by far the best. Great service and consistently best pricing. Their staff is friendly and will go out of their way to make you feel welcome.

From Duffy Fainer on 21-May-2012

I needed to pick up an entertainer, late for her gig in San Diego. Every second counted. It was all about the line guys...They helped me find this threesome at the curb of the terminal, get them and their bags to the FBO and onto my Cheetah, and I was outta there. They were sharp, professionals and helped to make my first experience with this FBO a perfect 5 stars. Thanks you guys.

From Steve Kiss on 17-Apr-2012

"The other comments re: this FBO are right on the money. Valerie and the rest of the team treated my wife and I so well. We came in for the Long Beach Grand Prix (15 minutes). I didn’t even buy fuel (this time) because of the short hop from my base. All the standard things PILOTS care about are thought out at this FBO: 1. Lineman brought us up close to minimize our walk. 2. They had water and coffee 3. Nice pre- flight room with printer 3. Good Unicom handling procedures. 4. Smiling faces. And NO (read zero) price gouging. The team is Small GA friendly. However, I am sure the Jet A set will appreciate the leather, flat screens and great service too. Three pilot notes: Very close walk to Flight Safety and to the Commercial Terminal. For taxi purposes, JFI is just past the Gulfstream Hanger near the end of Taxiway J. I did mid-field departure Rwy 30 to intercept the VFR MiniRoute. Doesn't get any easier than that."

From Jonathan Paul on 10-Mar-2012

"I dreaded flying into LGB with a plane (Mooney) that had a propeller up front and required less than 500 gallons of Jet-A. I chose JFI because their 100LL price was a dollar per gallon less than any other FBO on the field. Wow! I was met on the ramp by the line staff and Caroline, the concierge supervisor. The rental car was waiting with the trunk popped open, and we alighted onto a red carpet. The staff was fantastic. They recommended a cheaper rental car company and arranged same, and donated a bottle of really good pinot noir. The ramp fee with the purchase of 20 gallons of 100LL was $10, quite reasonable, probably waived with more gas purchase. Highly Exceptional and recommended."

From Pierre Melcher on 30-Jan-2012

"Arrived on a busy Thursday in a King Air. We got great service and a quick turn. Valerie Boes was a hoot. Thanks."

From Paul Fox on 09-Dec-2011

"On landing at LGB, I asked Ground for taxi to the "Jet Center" and they responded with instructions to "Jet Flite International", in case you want to get the lingo correct. This FBO is a very short walk to make connections at the airline terminal. Although they have some large bizjets on the ramp and in the hangar, arriving in a Mooney I've been extremely well treated and felt like one of the "big guys". Great line service and assistance with baggage, rental car brought to the aircraft, and spacious interior facilities (check out the single-brew Starbucks automated coffee machine). Caroline (pronounced Kerro-LYNE) at the front desk was there for my arrival and departure and made securing a rental car at an excellent rate so easy. After copying my driver license info, turns out she also has the same birthdate as me, so I liked her even more. Oh, and did I mention best Avgas price on the field? Open long hours daily. Conveniently close to Disneyland."

From Brian Quarles on 14-Oct-2011

"We have been coming here for the past 6 months and have had nothing but the best service. Line and the CSRS are always helpful, friendly, and attentive. Facilities inside are comfortable with all the amenities to keep a pilot entertained while waiting to depart. Requests for town cars, rentals, hangaring, etc. Are always met. Also helps that it is close to the terminal when arriving/departing commercially."

From Nicholas Pellegrino on 15-Sep-2011

"I often decide where to bring our CJ or Mustang based on the phone conversations I have while shopping FBO's. All too often I'm talking to an obviously bored front desk person, who, while providing the information I'm seeking gives me no sense that they care if I use their FBO or not. Not the case with JFI. Valerie was personable and clearly wanted our business, as did the others I spoke to prior to and during our visit. Valerie personally greeted our flight on the ramp (a nice touch that the Boss really appreciated) and even offered to clean the cabin mess so I could get going. The front desk staff printed out directions to the beach without being asked when I inquired about lunch. The facility, while not lavish when compared to some FBO's is clean, modern and completely adequate, plus the best fuel prices around. I know we'll be returning. Thanks JFI"

From Eric Owens on 28-Aug-2011

"I am a frequent visitor at JFI and let me tell you, each and every employee is there to serve! While other FBOs have treated me like a number, JFI has always treated me like a person. The location is perfect (5 minute walk to the airline terminal and Flight Safety) and they ALWAYS have my aircraft ready for an on-time departure. To top things off, they have hands down, no questions asked, the very best and most capable line service employees around...Period! I will always make JFI my stop when I fly into Long Beach!!!"

From Paul Russell on 30-Jun-2011

"I use JetFlite quite frequently and always receive top notch service. Their staff is friendly, helpful and their prices are very competitive."

From Christian Schoemig on 09-Jun-2011

"Excellent Service - Valerie went out of her way to accommodate all our rent-a-car, accommodation and aircraft needs. The line guys are all incredible and do their jobs with a smile. Will definitely go back next time :-)"

From Glenn Reynolds on 01-Apr-2011

"Not only friendly and made me feel welcome, but they went out of their way to get me a chart, which I needed on my departure."

From Kent Magnuson on 11-Feb-2011

"In here recently with our Turbo Commander N900NE and had very best of service from all. Special treatment even though we are the smallest airplane on their ramp. Friendly/efficient service for all staff. Thanks folks. Well done."

From Jack Ellis on 30-Jan-2011

"My car was waiting on the ramp when I arrived in a TR-182 parked among a bunch of Gulfstreams. They had not fueled my airplane by the time I was ready to depart so the facility fee was waived. Valerie personally apologized. Next time I fly to Long Beach, I'll leave my airplane in JetFlite's capable hands."

From Warren DeHaan on 19-Nov-2010

"They made room for our T210 during AOPA Summit for a week. Wonderful service AGAIN, and best price for fuel at LGB. We will always keep our plane at JetFlite when at LGB. Valerie runs a great operation."

From Earl Werner on 30-Oct-2010

"In a beige hangar, they are a little hard to find off T/way "J" just to the North East of "J1". But, once there, great service and pricing with neither ramp fees nor a minimum fuel purchase. Also very nice pilot facilities with a quick walk to restaurants in the Airline Terminal."

From Frank Weissig on 20-Oct-2010

"Outstanding customer service, very helpful with advance arrangements for rental car and hotel. Rental car was waiting on the ramp even though we were at least two hours late. When we called with only half-hour notice for departure, our plane was fueled and staged right as we arrived. And all this service was for a light single, not a Lear! Great fuel prices for a "big city" airport too. This is definitely my new stop at LGB. The facility is kind of tiny and tucked away, but conveniently located to the airlines terminal and FlightSafety."

From Mac Tichenor on 30-Aug-2010

"Top notch service. They were paying attention to the radio when I called 30-minutes out. Rent car was waiting on the ramp on landing. Friendly, competent staff. Good fuel pricing. Winner all the way around."

From Steve Roberts on 23-Aug-2010

"Visited on 8-23-10. Service was great. Got a good deal on a rental car (Enterprise) was directed to a great cafe (Polly's Pies) and the cheapest fuel on the field. I will definitely return."

From WD Lewis on 22-Jun-2010

"Called ahead and arrived in my Cessna TR182. Ramp man met me on the ramp as I taxied in. Walked into the office and they had already called my taxi and it was there waiting for us. Upon departure they fueled the plane for me with the cheapest fuel on the field. 5 big stars for friendly and efficient service!"

From WD Lewis on 07-Jun-2010

"My wife and I flew our 182 in for a weekend. I called them ahead that morning. When I taxied to their ramp there was a lineman waiting for me to direct me and my wife got the red carpet. Checked in & they had already called the taxi that I said I'd need and it was there. When we went to leave they full serviced my fuel at THE BEST PRICE ON THE FIELD. Can't say enough nice things. Too bad there are only 5 stars!"