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Convenience, safety, security and luxury. These are the words that best describe the Challenger 300 as your Charter Platform.

The Challenger 300 is a highly flexible and capable platform that will allow you to operate in and out of over 5,000 airports worldwide, extending you the freedom to arrive far closer to your origin and destination than the 500 commercial airports used by the scheduled carriers.

Our Challenger 300 is equipped with a luxurious interior that seats 9 passengers, and extends its guests tranquility during flight with its relaxing and reclinable captain's seats.

Seats 8
WiFi No
Range 3660 Statute Miles
High Speed Cruise 871km/h | 554mph
Cabin Height 6ft 1in
Cabin Width 7ft 2in
Passenger Cabin Length 28ft 7in
Baggage Capacity (Volume) 106Cubic Feet

Our Challenger 300 comes with a highly skilled internationally experienced flight crew providing you with a depth and breadth of flight experience that will support any mission you require.

For a comprehensive list of capabilities, please contact our Charter Sales team today at (888) 534-5387.