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As released by ARGUS - July 28th 2015 - View online Article here - As one of the premier charter operators in the industry, JFI Jets achieved their primary objective of becoming an ARGUS Platinum Rated charter operator, the most recognized symbol of quality and operational excellence in the world!

Discover the value of being ARGUS Rated first-hand from JFI Jets.

Bob Seidel - CEO, JFI JetsQ:Why did you pursue an ARGUS Platinum Rating?
"Two reasons, really. First, I felt we had a good organization and tight processes, but I wanted to be certain we were truly following best practices of the industry and the best way to accomplish this was by commissioning an independent audit. Second, in our industry, it is one thing to know you are good, but our clients are sophisticated people and highly risk averse. Achieving an ARGUS Platinum rating validates our company and demonstrates to the world we are a quality operation."

Q:How was this process beneficial to your operation?
"The preparation for a major audit can be daunting, but it brings out the best in the team. It also provides a common goal to focus on and causes managers to evaluate their departments critically to ensure our manuals are aligned with our processes."

Q:How has achieving Platinum impacted your customers?
"Our customers derive a sense of well-being from the fact that our company has been certified by an independent organization with the excellent reputation of ARGUS. Many of our clients rely on TripCHEQ to verify our aircraft and crews are certified."

Q:How has achieving Platinum impacted your company?
"Achieving ARGUS Platinum has provided validation for our company in the eyes of our clients and perhaps equally important, in the eyes of our employees, who are proud to work for a company recognized as one of the best in the industry. Engaged employees work harder and provide better service to clients, who become repeat customers. It really has a snowball effect!"